hard disk installation into a RAM disk

From: rasmus.relander@nokia.com
Date: Wed Oct 02 2002 - 14:17:15 CEST

I am also using mulinux as a firewall / NAT / samba printer server.

It works perfectly!

I am also using the installation from EXT2 hard-disk which mounts the /dev/hda1 as root filesystem. This is OK, but to keep the noise level down, it would be useful to stop the hard disk. This is not possible since the system needs some binaries on the hard disk. IMHO, the mulinux is not needing swap, but some binaries sometimes.

If you are using floppy boot (good for small installation), you can load the operating system into a RAM disk, and then you don't need the hard disk anymore.

Is there a way to load a mulinux installation from hard disk into a RAM disk so that you can disable the hard disk when needed?

Regards, Rasmus

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