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From: Jeroen Nieuwenbroek (
Date: Fri Oct 04 2002 - 11:17:05 CEST

Karl-heinz you just typed almost the same message i wanted to type.

We all agree that spam/virusses are annoying for the user on a mailing-list.

I use the mulinux list as a reference when i have problems. Sinds the come of mass mailing worms (klez, yahaa, sircam etc) the list is badly polluted.

The problem makers are the users wich are sending the virusses. But they dont know they're infected.


If all the windows users wich are using this mailing list should go to , klick on SCAN NU, and download this virusscanner. Let your system check if there are virussen present. If there are virusses you can delkete them online for free.

It is a good scanner from the provider : Tiscali. I work at a helpdesk in Holland for another provider (zeelandnet) an I recommend this scanner for my own customers.

Keep up the good spirit, and not the negative spirit !

Jeroen Nieuwenbroek


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Van: Karl-Heinz Zimmer []
Verzonden: vrijdag 4 oktober 2002 11:07
Onderwerp: Re: Til

On Friday 04 October 2002 09:17, CH wrote:
> Einen wunderschönen Tag erlaub ich mir zu wünschen.
> I wonder what she is doing all the time, this famous Michele.

Besides from the fact that Michele (an italian name) is not female but male
I wonder why you are complaining.

> If it's to much work for her?

Did you read the previous messages?

Appearently not, OK I repeat the facts for you: Michele can do nothing
about that spam since he is not running the list himself - it is run
by University Aalborg.

> This kind of service is no service at all.

So how much did you pay for that service?

Boy, to me you seem to be heavily dreaming! (/me trying to be polite)


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