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Date: Fri Oct 04 2002 - 17:30:18 CEST

CH wrote:

I'll try to answer it nice and polite, it was not my intention to start
a flame-war, just to make some joke from a harsh situation.

> >Nope. Reading the same complains everytime is another add-on... 8-)
> Then stop viruses and spam.

I can't. I don't own the list, I don't pay anything to use this list.

> If you can't do it, stop answering to me, I'm not sending viruses.

If you don't want to "listen" to me, I strongly encourage you to put me
in your personal black list.

> >I agree with you, but there's nothing we can do about sunsite. It's
> >free.
> Who is ,we'? Plural majestatis?

"We" are us. Me, you, Michelle (a italian male), and everybody else. All
we can do is POLITELY ask the list maintainer (mulinux-owner, AFAIK) -
who IS NOT Michelle - to install some kind of spam filter.

In fact, they did it. AFAIK the list is being protected by spamcop -
some jerk here on my ISP got listed on SPAMCOP, and the dynamic IP
sistem allocated the blocked IP to me before yesterday (so a email from
me was rejected by mulinux).

> >We can move to YahooGroups, where Michelle can control almost
> >everything.
> I wonder what she is doing all the time, this famous Michele.

Paying HIS bills. As evebody else.

> If it's to much work for her?
> This kind of service is no service at all.

My friend, mulinux is a FREE service. You got what you got, nothing
else. Sometimes someone, without charge, improve the list. Sometimes
not. Get over it.

> >But your mail will get even more spam than here.
> Just the same what you are doing?
> If there are some idiots who cannot get contol over their system, everyone
> else should stand it wether there is spam or virus each day?

No polite answer possible, sorry.

> Why not sending complains for those who send viruses can stop it?
> Agreeing to terrorism?

Becasue YOU DON'T KNOW how is sendind the viruses. The Outlook viruses
FAKE de FROM field, you must read the controle fields of the email to
see WHERE it reaaly cames from (message-id). After that, you must send
this data to the ISP's helpdesk, as they are the only one who can
identify the real infractor.

Sending complains to the apparent infractor will make YOURSELF a

As a didactic example, let's consider one of that spam we got here (and
yes, I save all of them to gather data to sue someone when it will be

Precedence: bulk
Received: (qmail 21398 invoked from network); 28 Sep 2002 01:40:56 -0000
From: sime1brt <>
Subject: Hi,mulinux,the Garden of Eden
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: multipart/alternative;
Message-Id: <>
Date: Fri, 27 Sep 2002 20:40:29 -0500

Have a good peek on the fields FROM and MESSAGE-ID. You will note thet
the ISP on message-id doesn't match the domain on FROM field. So the
FROM is faked.

With the domain on message-id, you get a whois and send a complain to
the contact registered.

All this work sucks? Yes, it is.

But this works, complain to evebody don't.

Think about it.

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