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From: Lisias Toledo (
Date: Sat Oct 12 2002 - 19:58:51 CEST

Cenobyte wrote:

> I think it is probably a good idea,

I'm neutral.

> due to the volume of spam porno,and virii that
> has hit this list in the past few months.

My mailbox is full of this sh*t. But only 2 to 4% came from mulinux.

In my humble opinion, there's no point in going to SF to avoid virii and
spam. Almost all my virii came from a people who subscribed mulinux, and
SF will not do anything to prevent him to keep sending me more virii.

The spam from SF will be constant, but at least will be discrete.

> That is no guarantee that the
> spamming won't happen again, however it is a fresh start.

I'm a bit skeptical about "fresh starts", but it's all. As I said, I'm

> On the other hand, since I'm running mu the virii don't affect me, and the spam
> can just be deleted.
> Has anyone on this list actually been infected by a virus from it?

Nope. I deleted Outloko from my Win32 box.

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