assembler in mu-linux

From: Maxim Belooussov (
Date: Sun Oct 13 2002 - 15:00:46 CEST

Hello mulinux users,

I remember Michele wanted to upgrade the kernel of mu-linux, but it
would mean changing the libc support, also would require quite a few
changes for dial-up support, etc. And most probably the newer versions
of all the little programmes would require more like a CD then just a
floppy. So it's been postponed indefinitely.

But I've also seen such thing as a-linux.

It's about using assembler programmes, linked to libc and working with
the latest kernel. Each programme doesn't take much, but is quite
Michele, maybe this could be it - a chance to switch kernels? ;)

I also wonder if new mu could have some of these assembler utils
compiled directly into kernel itself :D Far-fetched, but just being

Thinking of creativity - next mu could be all internet-based mu right
from the start. Boot from a single floppy, that has internet
dial-in/network support, get the plugins either automatically from
sunsite or from disk/network, install them directly - and you're set!

By the way, recently I've bought IBM PS/2, 386 processor model (for 5
euro). It actually booted mulinux and worked like a charm! Very slow
charm, but it still worked! I wonder how many people have tried such
things - running mu on strange/classic/specific hardware. But I'm
pretty sure it worked everywhere.

Best regards,
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