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From: CH (
Date: Sun Oct 13 2002 - 19:58:53 CEST

>True. I hate this word, "service". This word comes from the latin "servus"
>(i.e.: slave), the worste word in every dictionary.

You are right, perfectly right, but good old Roman times are gone ;-)
As I am concerned, I realy adore the meaning of that word as my car is
concerned and I try hard every day to be some kind of servant, a good
one:-) But surly II would accept any word meaning to do my very best work
for an affordable price:-) (And sometimes it is free :-)))

If you ever come to Vienna, that horrible word is a kind of greeting for
only very good friends, very, very good friends, so I am accustomed to it
in quite a different way :-)

Kind regard from Vindobona NORICO situ
*Clemens*Haupt* :-)

post scriptum: As a browser I use w3m, much faster than lynx because of
being much smaller. Hope you are interested in it:-)

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