Re: Your opinion

From: Lisias Toledo (
Date: Mon Oct 14 2002 - 01:13:09 CEST

Alfred Breull wrote:
> Lisias Toledo <> wrote:
> >Nope. The virus I was receveing was attached in mails with parcial
> >contents from this list, but the mail headers was not the same from the
> >mulinux@sunsite "oficial" mails.
> So what? It's your box--hence, it's your responsibility.
> Stop whining, learn to manage, or pay someone who could do
> it for you.
> Is this simple enough for you to understand?

Look, pal... Can you READ???? Or your brain is tigher than your eyes?

I was EXPLAINING to Michele why doesn't matter to me if the list will be
hosted on sunsite or in SourceForge, by God's sake! The virri will keep
going on, there is no point on a change.

IT'S MY FSCKING OPINION, your are the only one whining, here.

Is this simple enough for you to understand? Or I must send it to your

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