Re: The new muLinux mailing-list

From: CH (
Date: Sun Oct 13 2002 - 22:42:22 CEST

Einen wunderschönen Tag erlaub ich mir zu wünschen.
Am Sun, 13 Oct 2002 stand also da Re: The new muLinux mailing-list:

>> But your Kmail seems to be a much better one than mine:-))
>I hope so!!
<extremly big grin>

>That's what lots of industrious people (see the KMail developers' list)
>have been aiming at - and that's why I continue to ask people to use
>fine new KDE 3.1 beta2. :-)
Then, well I have to give it a chance (one day:-))))

>Note: KDE 3.1 (to come soon to your desktop) will be AWESOME!

>People will ask themselfes:
> "Why the hell /should/ I continue using Windows if I could use KDE 3.1?"
There are no windows in KDE anylonger?
Well, the only Gatesdows I use is from Win 3.1 .-)
Did you ever count how mane files you have to have for eXPlode?
More than 17000!

>><big grin>
No, it's not necessarily so. When I have to work on Gatesware I have to
restrict me extremly and even of that especially OUTLOCK mostly crashes.
This keeps you in good training :->>>
But I stop now, not to much OT.themes:-)

Herzliche Grüße
*Clemens*Haupt* :-)

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