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Date: Fri Oct 25 2002 - 21:37:59 CEST

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> Obviously. If you use in your apps a key that not need to be known
> to other, you may not register it in the public name space.

This is an old problem, long ago solved by (sometimes) Amiga and (sometimes)
BeOS (and others, perhaps) and mostly ignored by everyone else. It is a
matter of self-control, of installing yourself where you belong and staying
there, and not mucking about with other's data, even other versions of
yourself. The application knows what its name is, and where it is in the file
system. All of its keys are there. Others do the same. There are no name
collisions, unless you foolishly call yourself by someone else's name. The
operating system cannot make you behave, you have to behave yourself.
If some other program wishes to access some part of Foo, it should go to the
public interface of Foo and ask politely for what it needs, not try to sneak
in the backdoor and steal it away, leaving Foo to think that it still has
that private data.

/../../../../Foo5.4/ (icon image)
/../../../../Foo5.4/...(whatever Foo version 5.4 requires)
/../../../Foo5 ... whatevers, common to all Foo version 5
/../../Foo ... whatever, common to all Foo, including a link to Foo5.4/Foo.exe


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