RE: Windows XP / Reiser FS / Linux registry

From: Alfie Costa (
Date: Thu Oct 31 2002 - 05:57:23 CET

The forthcoming Reiser4 file system might be just the thing to create a Linux
registry -- an extensible file system that can do database tricks. There'd be
no need for a registry front-end, because the file system itself would take
care of such things.

        For newbies: Reiser4 allows you to store things in your computer, name
them, and then find them by those names later. It can speed up your
computer --- and maybe let you buy a cheaper hard drive and still go
fast. We allow you to express more things using more ways of naming

        There are many things that databases do that filesystems cannot do, but
        attempts to make databases do what filesystems do have failed in the
past because the core technology of databases ("transactions" and
"balanced trees") was too slow. We use new algorithms that make
transactions and balanced trees faster than traditional filesystem
technologies for what filesystems are most used for.

        For oldies: Reiser4 more cleanly separates its naming primitives than
        filesystems, with the result that it gives you more flexibility in how you
        combine them. It offers you such additional primitives as inheritance, and
        transactions, plus a complete plugin framework that makes extending the
        filesystem easy (especially for adding new security features). Using this
        plugin framework it implements ACLs, individually encrypted files, and

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