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Date: Thu Nov 07 2002 - 09:28:28 CET

Einen wunderschönen Tag erlaub ich mir zu wünschen.
Am Wed, 06 Nov 2002 stand also da 3Com509:
>Good day to you all,
>I am using a 3Com509 B TPO (in ISA mode) but I can't get it to work.
>Because of that I tried to use an utility of David Becker ( something like that ) to install the card.
>The utility is able to spot the card and affirmative about the i/o number being ' 0x300 ' . When I tried to set-up the eth0 in mulinux I got: ' i/o symbol not found ' . Under Dos/Windows I used a set-up utility from 3Com and the card tested good on i/o 0x300 and IRQ 10. What am I doing wrong, can I manually make changes to a configuration file ?
>Can anyone give me proper instruction / share experience?
>Thanks in advance,

As I am concerned I could do it with 3c509setup and I didn't need
any DOS-machine, as Larry recommended.
The only problem is whenever you have to reboot. It only works well when I
switch off the machine completly, then it starts again perfectly.

3c5x9setup.c:v0.05b 10/6/99 Donald Becker (
 Interrupt sources are pending.
   Adapter Failure indication.
3c5x9 found at 0x280.
 Indication enable is 00fe, interrupt enable is 009c.
  Window 0: 6d50 9450 ff01 0088 a000 01bf 0000 0002.
  Window 1: bf6f bf6f 00fe 2002 8000 00ff 0bfc 2002.
  Window 2: 1000 174b 2087 4002 009c 009c 00fe 4002.
  Window 3: 0000 0000 0000 6002 ff80 13ff 0bff 6002.
  Window 4: f000 00d0 2011 0c84 0002 a0c0 00fe 8002.
  Window 5: 07fc 07fc 00fe 07fc 0007 009c 00fe a002.
  Window 6: 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 0000 c002.
  Window 7: 009c 009c 00fe e002 009c 009c 00fe e002.
 EEPROM contents:
  Model number 3c509 version 4, base I/O 0x280, IRQ 10, 10baseT port.
  3Com Node Address 00:10:4B:17:87:20 (used as a unique ID only).
  OEM Station address 00:10:4B:17:87:20 (used as the ethernet address).
  Manufacture date (MM/DD/YY) 10/12/98, division 6, product MD.
  Options: half duplex, enable linkbeat.
  The computed checksum matches the stored checksum of 4f14.

*Clemens*Haupt* :-)

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