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From: Kasirye Stephen (
Date: Thu Nov 14 2002 - 20:10:19 CET

Hello all,

Thanks all that you are doing to mulinux. Congratulations to Michele and all
the rest. Now mulinux is at 13r2. I just do not have dedicated link or
reliable access to the internet so I am on and off. Some day I hope to be
back in the flock, friends.

I am back to the mulinux list though I am not receiving all mails as yet. I
have seen this in my box and tried to follow up the url but it did not work.
What is the correct url?


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>Subject: Source code for framebuffer demos and BB
>Date: Tue, 12 Nov 2002 15:21:38 +0000
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>At request from an user, I also released, in the same directory:
>the archives fbppm.tgz, j2.tgz and bb.tgz.
>They are *only* demos and coding is careless.
>Usage: j2 file.jpg rgb|ppm|ppm6
>Convert jpeg files in the format rgb or PPM. The PPM6 (the rawbits PPM)
>is used as input for fbppm.
>The binary compile well also in libc5 and do not requires libjeg in
>order to run.
>It writes on the stdout.
> # j2 file.jpg | fbppm -s 2 -
>The command do not use external libraries. Every is managed
>internally, with zero-order performance : rustic color palette, rustic
>rustic sprites.
>So, do not expect fluid image
>movements :-)
>bppm, Display (rawbits) PPM on Linux framebuffer (C) 2002 M. Andreoli
>Usage: fbppm [opts] ppmfile|-
> -x offx -y offy (XY offsets, up-left corner)
> -c (clear the framebuffer, at the end)
> -r (refresh mode)
> -f (fullscreen)
> -w [secs]; wait before exit; -w -1 means until keypressed
> -s [integer factor] (scale)
> -b (blink demo)
> -d velocity|0 (diagonal demo)
> -B velocity|0 (bouncing demo)
> -t timeout (screen saver mode)
>This command is able to show a PPM on the framebuffer console; it can
>scale the images and can move the image on the screen like a bouncing ball,
>Used in this way:
> # fbppm -c -t 120 file.ppm
>it acts as screensaver: the image file.ppm appears flying around, if
>you didn't use the keyboard for 120 sec.
>fbppm uses system call like: alarm() and fork().
>The C code is simple and commented.
>This is the result of my reading about framebuffer graphics in Linux.
>Thanks to fbv, fbi and other packages Authors for let me explore
>their code :-)
>Hope this useful for someone else.
>"Physics is like sex: it may give some practical
>results, but that's not why we do it" (Richard Feynman)
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