Re: mu [OT] web mirrors /tmp and strange school activities

From: Dave Houghton (
Date: Tue Nov 19 2002 - 22:47:37 CET

Michele Andreoli wrote:

>On Tue, Nov 19, 2002 at 08:28:13PM +0000, Dave Houghton nicely wrote:
>>How about posting a photo of yourself, just so that we all know who
>>were bowing down to!
> ^^^^^^^^^^^
>I searched the word "bowing" on the dictionary, only after having sent to You
>the link, otherwise ...
>Grr ... if "to bow down" is the verb that in italian stands for "inchinarsi",
Erm not sure about that, It's usually used colloquially (there's one for
your dictionary) to mean to acknowledge another persons superiority or
greater knowledge on a subject.

>you behaved like a bad guy, Dave, saying that :-)
Bad guy ?? I'm not sure which way you have interpreted my comment.
Absolutely no offence was mean't and I hope none was taken. I think
this is where the international language barrier could possibly break
down and we end up with an Italian/Anglo war of words !!!!!!!!!

Dave, Fireproof underwear on waiting for the flames!!!


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