Re: Experimenting with Windows Installers

From: Dave Houghton (
Date: Wed Nov 20 2002 - 19:45:21 CET

             I'm playing around some more with the cygwin ssh/sshd.
SSH works fine, I can ssh into my work lan without problem. If you export the ssh keys to the remote
server then proper RSA authentification is carried out without the need for login/password. If you don't
export the keys then ssh falls back to login/password authentification. You are also warned correctly if the
host_dsa_key has changed since your last login, so the strict authentification is working o.k.

There is a problem with the cygwin sshd however. This is common to all sshd as far as I know. If the
password for a user is blank then sshd will not allow ssh login. I had the same problem under Linux as well.
No (or blank) user password and you can't login. Use passwd to set a password for the same user and
everything is fine. I'm not sure if this is because ssh/sshd are using shadowpassword rather than plain
/etc/passwd file ????????.

Basically mkpasswd.exe when it is called from /etc/ (called from configure.bat) isn't picking up
the windows password for the user logged in under windows. The password field in /etc/passwd remains
blank. So blank password=no sshd login.


More later I've got to eat sometime :-)

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