Re: Ouestion

From: Dave Houghton (
Date: Thu Nov 28 2002 - 20:13:17 CET

28/11/2002 12:55:48, Karim Homsi <> wrote:

>Whats about the Guy who had problems whith his
>networkkard whith the rtl 8139.Card. Did you solve
>your problem?
He hasn't come back to us yet after the last lot of suggestions. I have put a rtl8139 diagnosis program on my
web pages to see if his card is recognised by that, but I think that his is a newer card version which requires
rtl8139too.o driver which isn't compatible with 2.0.36 kernel of MuLinux. Iwas also going to suggest trying
Michele's Lepton distro which has a 2.4.?? kernel and the later driver just to prove a point. As I say, he
hasn't been around for a while so I've no idea if he solved his problem.


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