Re: Lepton 0r3

From: Dave Houghton (
Date: Tue Dec 03 2002 - 20:41:03 CET

             A couple of suggestions,comments for you.

As the song goes.. "Let's start from the very begining..."

on boot up you need to check for dual ide-cd systems. In my case (ide-cd and ide cdr/rw) [scan ide-cd]
returns /dev/hdc /dev/hdd which mount then tries to mount as /dev/cdrom. This is ok for single ide-cd but
mount obviously fails if there is more than one cd.

In runlevel 4 (via lilo option) and the respawning of the admin system on vt1. I can see what you are doing,
and I know you can change manually to an alternative vt, but may I suggest that the "q" on the admin system
quits via a chvt 2 call before it is respawned by init. This way you get an automatic login screen/terminal for
other work but still have the admin system respawned in the background available by [alt][f1] for the
"newbies" (terrible word that).

Various "rustic" commands ( scan is one that comes to mind) fail due to the lack of awk,rgrep and the
inadequacies of the busybox implementation of sed.

If you use either of the pagers (more/less) and have to scroll through more than one page, when you quit
you frequently lose console echo of your keyboard, and also the cusor keys just move the cursor around
the screen rather than act as ile history forward/backward. Clear or reset don't cure this, exit and login again
I'm not sure if this is a busybox or framebuffer problem (or a combination of both) as the same version of bb
works ok on a standard none fb console.

I'm sure I can find lots more but as it's a work in progress I'll stop being critical now :-)


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