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From: Dave Houghton (
Date: Wed Dec 04 2002 - 19:08:40 CET

04/12/2002 13:31:59, Michele Andreoli <> wrote:


>This can be solved ( I think) selecting "once", not "respawn" in /etc/inittab.
All I was suggesting is that if you put a chvt in the exit routine of admin then you automatically get a login
terminal, admin has respawned in the background, and you are then only a [alt][f1] away from all that
usefull information.

>> If you use either of the pagers (more/less) and have to scroll through more than one page, when you quit
>> you frequently lose console echo of your keyboard, and also the cusor keys just move the cursor
>> the screen rather than act as ile history forward/backward. Clear or reset don't cure this, exit and login
>> do.
>The problem was know also with previous kernel and libs. There is some
>ncurses problem in my muless.c.

There is a bug in the 2.4.x kernel framebuffer code which causes seemingly random loss/coruption of
keyboard functions. I can sometime get the same symptoms running a GUI compiled against the framebuffer
code. The same GUI works faultlessly if compiled against non-framebuffer code.
2.4.x + framebuffer :-(( sometimes
2.4.x + non-framebuffer :-))
I know about the buggy libncurses but as problems occur with both text and graphical programs I would
suspect the kernel framebuffer code is at fault.

>> I'm not sure if this is a busybox or framebuffer problem (or a combination of both) as the same version
of bb
>> works ok on a standard none fb console.
>I cannot understand the sentence, sorry. I do not understand if "bb" worked
>in for you. It works only if framebuffer is actived.
>Framebuffers worked for you, using the standard modes I selected?

Yes framebuffer works in both 800x600 and 1024x768 mode. I originally thought the problems with
more/less were down to buggy busybox code but the same busybox code runs ok on a non-frambuffer
system, so as above I suspect the kernel bugs in framebuffer source.
j2 and fbppm both work o.k and the screensaver bounces around the screen quite happily erasing my
console text :-)

>> I'm sure I can find lots more but as it's a work in progress I'll stop being critical now :-)
>As previous stated, the scope of this floppy is to run C binaries that
>uses framebuffer graphics.

If I can sort out this general keyboard/framebuffer/2.4.xx problem, I might have something to interest you.


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