Fwd: about the french Vi tutorial

From: Philippe Corbes (philippe.corbes@laposte.net)
Date: Wed Dec 04 2002 - 22:26:58 CET

/Sory Michele, but I have no answer
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Subject: about the french Vi tutorial
Date: Fri, 29 Nov 2002 16:20:47 +0100
From: Philippe Corbes <philippe.corbes@laposte.net>
To: Michele Andreoli <m.andreoli@tin.it>

Dear Michel,

I sent you a few months a french translation of the vi tutorial. Yesterday
evening i came bach Čin my email directory to read last mulinux info. I
didn't readen them since a long time and i discovered the new website. I
found that you didn't make a link to the french Vi tutorial.

I have an idea. I think you should make sub directorys to sort by subject, or
by application all users feedbacks. I remember, i spend a long time to
configure and adjuste Xwindow to my ThinkPad. I think you may have a
subdirectory about Xwindow configuration. There is many possible

I remember also i sent an update of e3 in the past. I tested R13 and i think
you didn't update e3. The writer of this editor made a patch for mulinux.

Thank you for your work on mulinux. Have a nice day,
Philippe Corbes


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