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6. Inst

6.1 Which is the best way to create addon disks? I supppose it could be done after creating the BOOT disk, or with some of the DOS commands?

The dos installation differs from Linux installation in that. In DOS, you have to put all addons - at the begining - in the proper directory. After that, muLinux automatically uncompress it.

If you like to add a new downloaded addon, you can put it in the DOS directory, for ex c:\mu, then:

        1) mount the dos disk
                mount /dev/hda1 /mnt
        2)  setup -f XYZ from=/mnt/mu/XYZ.tgz
        3) umount /mnt
This load the addon in the UMSDOS tree. If you, instead, like to have the floppy addons, change 2) with:
        2b)  fdformat /dev/fd0H1722 ; cat /mnt/mu/XYZ.tgz > /dev/fd0H1722

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