Press Release


    The OpenPKG project releases version 1.3 of the
    unique cross-platform software packaging facility. -- Munich, DE -- August 04, 2003 -- The
  OpenPKG project is proud to announce version 1.3 of its OpenPKG
  software. Well known by vigilant Unix system administrators, OpenPKG
  is the world leading instrument for deployment and maintenance of Open
  Source software when administration crosses Unix platform boundaries.
  The unique OpenPKG architecture leverages proven technologies like
  Red Hat Package Manager (RPM) to establish a unified administration
  environment, independent of the underlying operating system.


  OpenPKG 1.3 now fully supports FreeBSD 4.8 and 5.1, Debian GNU/Linux
  2.2 and 3.0, Red Hat Linux 9, SuSE Linux 8.2, and Sun Solaris 8 and 9.
  Thanks to its portable nature, other platforms with partial support
  include NetBSD, OpenBSD, Gentoo Linux, HP Tru64, SCO UnixWare and QNX.

  Since the previous release a half year ago, the OpenPKG package
  repository has again grown by 25%. A subset of 400 packages were
  carefully selected for inclusion into the OpenPKG 1.3 release,
  including proven versions of popular Open Source Unix software like
  Apache, BIND, GCC, INN, MySQL, OpenSSH, PostgreSQL, Samba, Squid,
  and Vim. All packages were tuned to work with the latest GNU C/C++

  Package quality was enhanced by the rigorous application of fully
  automated package input and output checking ("linting"). This was
  achieved by applying programmatic constraints on style, syntax and
  semantics of package specifications.

  The run-command (RC) facility was improved and now provides consistent
  log file rotation and allows smarter package upgrade/erase procedures.
  Over 40 daemon packages were enabled for logging via either the more
  flexible OSSP fsl or the native syslog(3) facility.

  Finally, the essential bootstrapping package was functionally
  enhanced, reduced in distribution size, made more robust and its
  system requirements were relaxed even further.


  * Portable across major Unix platforms.
  * Supports FreeBSD 4/5, Debian 2/3, RedHat 9, SuSE 8.2 and Solaris 8/9.
  * Entirely based on Open Source Software technology.
  * Minimum operating system intrusion and dependency.
  * Minimum overhead in software packaging.
  * Provides 400 carefully selected packages.
  * Easy installation, updating and deinstallation of packages.
  * Bundled with useful and secure package preconfigurations.
  * Includes an abstracted and powerful run-command facility.
  * Virtual hosting through multiple instances on a single system.
  * Proxy packages for reusing packages across instances.
  * Build-time package variations for maximum flexibility.
  * Foundation to build encapsulated and self-contained environments.


  The OpenPKG project was founded in 2000 by Cable & Wireless, who first
  released it as Open Source software in January 2002. Today OpenPKG is
  a mature technology in production use, and is maintained and improved
  by its original developers and volunteer contributors.

  OpenPKG is the brainchild of Ralf S. Engelschall, principal author of
  numerous other popular Open Source Software technologies like Apache
  SSL/TLS Engine (mod_ssl), Apache URL Rewriting Engine (mod_rewrite),
  GNU Portable Threads (Pth), GNU Portable Shell Tool (Shtool), Website
  META Language (WML) and more.


  The OpenPKG Project
  +49-89-92699-251 (CET)
  +49-172-8986801  (CET)