Press Release


  OpenPKG project diverges 2-STABLE branch

  The OpenPKG project recently diverged the OpenPKG 2-STABLE branch
  off OpenPKG CURRENT. The branch allows maintainance of the existing
  OpenPKG code and RPM specification base and the independent
  development in OpenPKG CURRENT simultaneously -- for instance to
  upgrade to a later RPM version, etc.
  The OpenPKG Foundation e.V. merged CORE+BASE+PLUS packages that
  usually make up a release into the new OpenPKG 2-STABLE branch and
  created an OpenPKG 2-STABLE-20060622 snapshot. From a maintenance
  point of view, this snapshot and possible future package updates on
  that branch supercede the OpenPKG 2.5-RELEASE and obsolete the OpenPKG
  Find details about development [1], an overview of branching and
  naming [2] and a description of the product series [3] online:



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