2.2. Downloading the Package

There are two free distributed LDAP servers: University of Michigan LDAP server and OpenLDAP server. There's also the Netscape Directory Server, which is free only under some conditions (educational institutions get it free, for example). The OpenLDAP server is based on the latest version of the University of Michigan Server and there are mailing lists and additional documentation available for it. This document assumes that you are using the OpenLDAP server.

It's latest tar gzipped version is avaiable on the following address:


If you want to get the latest version of University of Michigan Server, go to this address:


To write this document, I used the 2.2.5 version of the OpenLDAP package. My operating system is a Mandrake Linux 9.0 with kernel 2.4.20.

On the OpenLDAP site you can always find the latest development and stable versions of the OpenLDAP server. By the time this document was updated, the latest stable version was openldap-stable-20031217.tgz (version 2.1.25). The latest development version was also openldap-2.2.5.tgz.