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13. Acknowledgements

Special thanks to Andrew Tridgell ( for starting and directing the Samba project and for keeping this document honest.

Brad Marshall ( and Jason Parker ( contributed time, patience, scripting and research.

Adam Neat ( and Dan Tager ( contributed the bash scripts used to back up Windows machines to a Linux host.

Matthew Flint () told me about the use of the 'interfaces' option in smb.conf.

Oleg L. Machulskiy (, Jeff Stern (, Dr. Michael Langner ( and Erik Ratcliffe ( suggested modifications to the section on Sharing A Linux Printer With Windows Machines.

Alberto Menegazzi ( contributed the MagicFilter setup to enable a Linux machine to share a Windows printer.

Rakesh Bharania ( contributed the suggestion for Cisco router configuration.

Rich Gregory ( and others suggested that this document show some details about the smbfs package and its use.

Andrea Girotto ( contributed a number of valuable suggestions throughout the document.

Thanks, also, to all of the international translators that have brought this HOWTO to the non-English speaking world: Takeo Nakano (, Klaus-Dieter Schumacher (, Andrea Girotto (, Mathieu Arnold (, Stein Oddvar Rasmussen ( Nilo Menezes ( and many others for whom I don't have contact details.

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