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8. Vulnerability analisis

I try to cover here the vulnerability issues arising from this particular setup and VPNs in general. Any comments are warmly welcome.

8.1 About the ppp over ssh VPN technique

I developed this technique when there was no usable, standard VPN for Linux. Now this is no longer the case. At the time of writing this, you have the following alternatives: If you want to use standard IPSEC VPN, you can use FreeS/WAN or pipsecd. For PPTP you can use PoPToP (but be aware that PPTP protocol has weaknesses). It is also worth to mention CIPE which is a lightweight alternative for IPSEC.

This wide range of alternatives means that the ssh/ppp implementation described in this howto is in the most cases not the best solution. This is due the fact that this implementation is complex to set up and has performance problems because of its tcp based nature.

I believe that the ssh/ppp technique is no longer beneficial for building a VPN for non-illegal purposes in most cases, so I have discontinued maintaining this HOWTO.

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