A Note about Rendering:

MacGS-550 includes a Ghostscript driver for QuickDraw output. The driver enables Ghostscript to render into a Macintosh window. The driver also allows the image to be cut to the clipboard or saved in a file in PICT format.

It is important to remember that Ghostscript is not a PostScript to PICT translator: it is a renderer. While the port uses PICT format as a way of interchanging images, the PICT contains a rendered image, not higher level QuickDraw calls. For example: if the document contains commands to render the lines:

	50 setlinewidth
	500 500 moveto
	400 250 lineto
	500 500 lineto
	400 750 lineto
	stroke showpage

Then the resulting image, will be a rendering of those lines with all the PostScript image features you expect (line caps, line joints, etc.). The PICT output will not contain QuickDraw command to draw three lines. QuickDraw lines do not look the same as the lines above. Instead, the PICT will contain a pixmap of the image as rendered.