Project Name: CRTC6845 CRT Controller core



The CRTC6845 Cathode Ray Tube Controller interfaces a microprocessor to a raster scan CRT display. The microprocessor can access 19 registers that in turn work with the CRT Controller control logic to generate:

The CRTC6845 is used as a central part of CGA/MGA cards. It can be programmed to drive alphanumeric, semi-graphic, and full bit-mapped graphic displays. Programmable alphanumeric screen formats (80x25, 132x20 or any other custom format). With a combination of 14-bit refresh Memory Address and 5-bit Row Address you can form a 512K bit-mapped graphic system. Controller allows hardware scroll by page, by line or by character.

Currently CRTC6845 does not support interlace mode and it does not extend VSYNC for R5 value (Vertical Total Adjust).


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