SNMP Support in XORP

If you wish to have SNMP support in XORP, you need to have net-snmp installed. The version of net-snmp matters. XORP needs at least version 5.0.6.

Although XORP does have SNMP support, at the present time we have very few MIBs implemented, so SNMP is of somewhat limited use. We will increase the number of MIBs supported as time permits. To compile XORP with SNMP support, use the following option to configure:

./configure --with-snmp

Known SNMP-related issues

On FreeBSD, net-snmp version 5.0.9 works with no known problems.

On some versions of Linux, there are some bugs in net-snmp versions 5.0.8 and 5.0.9, which prevent dynamic loading from working. A patch for net-snmp version 5.0.8 is available here. A patch for net-snmp version 5.0.9 is available here. If you need one of those patches, XORP's configure program should display a warning.

Version 5.1 of net-snmp requires a simple modification, otherwise XORP will fail to compile. A patch that can be applied to a net-snmp-5.1 installation is available here.

Currently, the XORP SNMP support has not been tested yet on other platforms: DragonFlyBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, Mac OS X and Windows.