What is Emacs ?

Emacs is the extensible, customizable, self-documenting real-time display editor. This Editor is used to do a lot of things, from IRC to reading mails and news, along with "basic" editing, advanced macro, remote control, multimedia player, and so on..

This webpage is about EMMS, an Emacs "package" that you use to extend Emacs features to multimedia.

The cute EMMS logo

EMMS, The Emacs Multimedia System.

EMMS is the Emacs Multimedia System. It tries to be a clean and small application to play multimedia files from Emacs using external players. Many of it's ideas are derived from MpthreePlayer , but it tries to be more general and cleaner.

The fact that EMMS is based on external players makes it powerful, because it supports all formats that those players support, with no effort from your side.

News: EMMS 2.1 Released

On 2006-09-03, the EMMS team proudly released EMMS 2.1. The tarball is available here.

Note that the development version is usually quite stable, too. See here for further instructions.


Reporting bugs

You can just report bugs at emms-help {at} gnu {dot} org. A patch along with the bug-report will probably make any bug-report very welcome.
You could also check out the current $HOME of EMMS, on the EmacsWiki: http://www.emacswiki.org/cgi-bin/wiki/EMMS.
You're very welcome to add bugreports, feature-requests and even patches or comments there.


EMMS is proudly part of the GNU Project. The first alpha was made by Jorgen Schäfer (forcer {at} forcix {dot} cx) and Ulrik Jensen (terryp {at} daimi {dot} au {dot} dk), building upon the work of the mp3player-team, and others.

Have fun, and enjoy EMMS!