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Introduction to GNUpod

GNUpod is a collection of Perl-Scripts which allow you to use your iPod under GNU/Linux and many other Operating Systems with a useable Version of Perl 5 (+Modules).


GNUpod 0.99.1 released (13. Jan. 2007)
Highlights: (full log)

GNUpod Documentation

The GNUpod Documentation is included in the GNUpod tarball and can be found at doc/, but you can view the Documentation online

Downloading GNUpod

The latest stable version (0.99) of GNUpod can be found on the Webserver [via HTTP] (Only HTTP, sorry!)

..or at

CVS is at savannah.

The releases are signed with GNU PG. You can get my public key from here

Other iPod-Related (Free) Software

Bug Reports

Please report any problems/bug to our bug-mailinglist. If you have any cool ideas or other things to tell me, please use pab at to get in contact.

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