How Do I Start Contributing?

All work that is contributed to GNUstep must be assigned to the Free Software Foundation (FSF). This means that the FSF has the copyright for (i.e. owns) the code that you contribute. First contact Adam Fedor (fedor _at_ gnu _dot_ org) to get a form to fill out. You just need to fill out this form and email it to the indicated address. Within a few weeks you will get some papers to sign and send back.

Once we receive the assignment, we can accept you code into the repository. Or, even better, we will give you write access to the repository so you can start improving GNUstep as much as you want!.

Many times, it can take a long time to get an assignment finished off. In some cases we can start accepting patches before we receive final approval, so that you don't have to wait so long to start contributing. Please talk to us about this.

Wait! I don't own the code anymore?

Well, no, not in the legal sense. But as part of the assignment, the FSF gives you the right to use the code you contribute as you see fit. You can even use your code in proprietary programs or release it under a different license if you like.

Does everything I write get owned by the FSF?

No, only the code that you actually contribute to GNUstep. That is, the code that is actually put in the GNUstep repository, not just anything you happen to write and post on a web site.

Here's some more information on your options for contributing to GNUstep.