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Liste der Plugins

Pluginname Version Beschreibung
alcd 1.5.1 Activy3xx LCD-Plugin
audioplayer 0.0.3 Audio Player
audiorecorder 0.1.0-pre14 floods your disc with music
avards 0.2.2 Automatic Video Aspect Ratio Detection and Signaling
bgprocess 0.1.0 Collects and lists background processes and their status
bitstreamout 0.89c bit stream out to S/P-DIF of a sound card
burn 0.1.0-pre22 Versatile convert-and-burn plugin
conflictcheckonly 0.0.1 Direct access to epgsearch's conflict check menu
control 0.0.2a-kw3 Control VDR over terminal or telnet
devstatus 0.4.1 Status of dvb devices
dummydevice 1.0.2 Output device that does nothing
dvdconvert 1.0.1 Plugin for dvdconvert with dvd2vdr dvd2dvd
dvd 0.3.6-b03 turn VDR into an (almost) full featured DVD player
dvdswitchehd 0.1.2-reel2 Archives DVDs and plays it from Harddisk
dvdswitch 0.1.3 allowed to play DVD-Images
dxr3 0.2.10 Hardware MPEG decoder
epgsearchonly 0.0.1 Direct access to epgsearch's search menu
epgsearch 0.9.25.beta12 search the EPG for repeats and more
epgsync 0.0.3 Import EPG of an other VDR
externalplayer 0.1.0 launch external players
extrecmenu 1.2 Extended recordings menu
femon 1.7.2 DVB Signal Information Monitor (OSD)
filebrowser 0.34-easy Filebrowser
fritzbox 1.3.0 Fritz Plugin for AVM Fritz!Box
games 0.6.3 OSD Games Collection
graphlcd 0.2.0-pre2 Output to graphic LCD
graphtft 0.3.3 VDR OSD on TFT
image 0.3.0 A Image Viewer plugin
imageplayer 0.0.3 Image Player
imonlcd 0.0.2 Control a iMON LCD
infosatepg 0.0.8 Read EPG info from infosat
ipod 0.0.4 Apple's iPod
iptv 0.3.1 Experience the IPTV
lcdproc 0.0.10-jw7 LCDproc output
lircrc 0.0.2 Adds LIRC support by using '.lircrc'
live 0.2.0 Live Interactive VDR Environment
mediad 0.0.3-reel3 autoplays identified media
mediaplayerdvd 0.0.3 MediaplayerDvd
mediaplayer 0.0.3b Media Player
mlcd 0.0.4a Multitainer LCD-Display Driver
mlist 1.0.1 Displays the message history
mousemate 0.1.6 Controls VDR via a mouse
mp3 0.10.1 A versatile audio player
mplayer 0.10.1 Media replay via MPlayer
music 0.9.3-testing MP3-/Audioplayer
newsticker 0.0.4 Newsticker for VDR
nordlichtsepg 0.9 Extended EPG
osdpip 0.0.10 OSD Picture-in-Picture
osdserver 0.1.2 Server for remote OSD clients
osdteletext 0.8.3 Displays teletext on the OSD
picselshow 0.0.2-dev An Image Viewer plugin for OSD
pin 0.1.9 Childlock plugin
quickepgsearch 0.0.1 Quick search for broadcasts
radio 0.2.5 Radio Background-Image/RDS-Text
reelbox ReelBox plugin
remote 0.4.0 Remote control
remotetimers 0.1.2 Edit timers onremote VDR
remoteosd 0.1.0 Show menu of a remote VDR
rssreader 1.6.4 RSS Reader for OSD
screenshot 0.0.13 Takes screenshots
span 0.0.7 Spectrum Analyzer for music-data
setup 0.3.1-zulu-edition VDR-Setup Extension
shoutcast 0.0.1 Downloads playlist from 'shoutcast' server
skinelchi 0.2.1 Elchi skin
skinenigmang 0.1.0 EnigmaNG skin
skinreel3 1.00-pre ReelBox skin 3rd generation
skinsoppalusikka 1.6.4 Soppalusikka skin
sleeptimer 0.7 Sleep-Timer for VDR
softdevice 0.5.0 A software emulated MPEG2 device
softplay 0.0.2 SoftPlay play media files with the softdevice
sportng 0.0.3 Zeigt Sportergebnisse auf dem OSD
startdvdhde 0.0.1b Starte DVD mit xinemediaplayer
streamdev-client 0.5.0-pre VDR Streaming Client
streamdev-server 0.5.0-pre VDR Streaming Server
sudoku 0.3.5 Sudoku - generate and solve Number Place puzzles
svdrposd 0.1.0 Publish OSD menu via SVDRP
svdrpservice 0.0.4 SVDRP client
systeminfo 0.1.1 Display various system informations
text2skin 1.3 Loader for text-based skins
trayopen 0.0.2 Open/Close CD/DVD-Rom
ttxtsubs 0.0.9 Teletext subtitles
tvm2vdr 0.0.2 Tvm2vdr EPG-Data from tvmovie
tvonscreen 1.0.141 Shows the EPG info in form of a typical TV magazine
tvtv 0.4.0 TVTV Timers update
undelete 0.0.6 undelete for recordings
vcd 0.9 VideoCD Player
vdrcd Plays identified Media Discs (for autofs)
vdrrip 0.3.0 A MPlayer using movie encoder
videoplayer 0.0.3 Video Library
vlcclient 0.0.2 Client for a remote VLC
vompserver 0.3.1-3 VDR on MVP plugin by Chris Tallon
weatherng 0.0.10-dev Weather.com: Weather forecast
webbrowser 0.0.2 A plugin starting the links2-webbrowser on the framebuffer
xine 0.9.3 Software based playback using xine
xineliboutput 1.0.90-cvs X11/xine-lib output plugin
yacoto 0.2.1 Converting recordings
yaepg Yet Another EPG

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