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October 2005 (#119):

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  • GNOME's Summer of Code Participation
    Google's Summer of Code is over and so are the eleven projects that GNOME developers mentored. Julien Gilli and Akbar Pasha contacted the participants to find out what they reached, what it was like to take part in this summer-long event, and if it was fun to collaborate with the the GNOME community.
  • GOCollab -- Peer to Peer Document Collaboration
    Claus Schwarm and Martin Sevior show how GNOME Office applications, in particular Gnumeric and AbiWord, can be connected to allow multiple authors to directly collaborate on document creation.
  • The Banshee Music Player, an Introduction
    Just another audio player or one that rocks the competition? Ken VanDine provides a tour through the features of Banshee, formely known as Sonance, a music player that is already expected to become the default player for some distributions.
  • GNOME Deployment: Pangea
    For immigrants and refugees, the Internet is an easy way to stay in contact with familiy members and to find news about their home country. Murray Cumming describes how an Internet center in Austria uses a small GNOME-based thin-client system to provide access for them.
  • Remote Desktop Administration Using Vino
    Helping other with computer problems can often be complicated, especially if you are far away. Marcus Bauer explores and explains Vino, the default remote administration utility of the GNOME desktop.
  • Notes on Translating GNOME
    Being a translator with the bengali localisation team and volunteer for GNOME since v.2.2, Runa Bhattacharjee shares her experience gathered in the past 2 and 1/2 years of work about technicalities and nuances that develop while doing such translation jobs.

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