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(?) pps files

From adrian darrah

Answered By Ben Okopnik, Karl-Heinz Herrmann

Hello, I've been sent a "pps" file from someone at his place of work. Can you advise where best to download the necessary software from internet source to open such a file.
Many thanks Adrian Darrah

(!) [] From:
I get
.PPS   MS Power Point Slide Show file
So this is probably a propietary Microsoft Power Point file. I was just going to say that _free_ and M$ don't go well together, but there seem to be some Linux projects:
Magic Point:
Though This looks like a "Poer Point" replacement I can't find a comment stating it will read/use PPS files.
(!)[Heather] It doesn't. Its own format is plaintext and many cool effects are generated by instructing it to run X apps "swallowed" within its own window. The only relation is the word "Point" and they're both presentation apps.
(!)[Karl-Heinz] It seems StarOffice can open power point files (.ppt) maybe also pps ones. http://www.pcs.cnu.edu/linux/wwwboard/messages/283.html
[Dan] I've had pretty good luck viewing Power Point presentations with StarOffice.
[Karl-Heinz] All other search engine results ( http://www.google.de ) concerned the power of some floating point number.....
My conclusion would be: Get a different file format or MS Power Point if you have to use that files, Star Office would maybe be an option.
(!)[Heather] I found list archives indicating that Applix also works, and a lost reference to a German site (http://www.lesser-software.com) that might once have had an effort towards one in Squeak or Smalltalk, but there was no download link and I don't read German. Oh yeah, and a bazillion sites pointing at the MSwin or Mac PPT viewer, with Linux mentioned in their footer or sidebar. Sigh.

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