(?) Networking in an Alternate Universe

From Michael Havens

Answered By Feather, Tuxedo T. Herring, Wizard's Hat, Swirl, Digital Surfboard, and the Scissors

Could someone bring kpppconfig to bandersnatch? It won't unpack when I put Mandrake 9.0 back on my box. If someone would be willing to bring me every thing to do with kppp it would be even better. kpppconfig is what I know is missing (via Hans) but there may be more. It would be terrific if that someone could give me a call and I could getit before Bandersnatch but if noone is willining to do that then Bandersnatch will work for me

(!) [Tux] Is it a message from Mars? Is it an attempt to mix Klingon with Medu Neter?
(!) [Feather] Actually Mars is in San Francisco, the beer there is pretty good, the food edible and unlike the Bandersnatch below there is no connectivity.
(!) [Scissors] Mars also has an alternate transport landing zone in New York. No connectivity there either, but pretty good food at an underground colony beneath the red sands.
(!) [Tux] Is it a misdirected message?
(!) [Feather] I can only think that Michael misaddressed this. He is a member of the Phoenix AZ lug and the bandersnatch is a local bar the part of the lug meets at monthly.
Not quite sure how he managed to get this so misaddressed.
(!) [Tux] Tune in next time when our querent
  1. turns off the weird MIME characters by reading the pointer to expita.com in our knowledgebase.
  2. (possibly) explaining what the heck he needs in understandable terms,
(The only "Bandersnatch" I know of is a 58' ferrocement boat about 200 yards away from mine ...
(!) [WizHat] A couple years ago there used to be a Bandersnatch Pub in Tempe Arizona, right near the University. It was a microbrewery with a free Internet drop. I used to go there frequently during the six months or so that I was "wastin' away in Motorolaville" (working on a Linuxcare contract at the Motorola Computer Products division helping them with their HA-Linux project).
Wow! Of all the gin joints in the world --- who'da thunk that three people on this list would all be aware of the same Bandersnatch pub in a place like Arizona! (BTW: Tempe and Phoenix are essentially one urban area --- I thought Bandersnatch was in Tempe, but that point is moot).
(!) [Feather] Right you are Jim. It is in Tempe. The LUG here is known as PLUG (Phoenix LUG) but they really cover the metro area include Tempe, Scottsdale, Glendale, etc.
As a gin joint they have good beer, food is edible and the connectivity pretty good.
(!) [Tux] ... (they've even got a cat named Frumious).
(!) [Swirl] Does it get the bowsprit mixed with the rudder sometimes?
(!) [Tux] <sadly> It wouldn't matter if it did. "the Man at the Helm shall speak to no one.", so remonstrance is impossible.
(To those of you who are confused, see Lewis Caroll's "The Hunting of the Snark" (An Agony, in Eight Fits.) Hint: you're _supposed to be confused. :)
(!) [Surfboard] is that where "Fit the First" comes from. People look at me so weird...
(!) [Tux] It was a bit startling to see someone talking about "bringing $X to Bandersnatch"; I got Norm converted to Linux a while back, and was wondering if he was asking for help here. :)
(!) [Scissors] So in conclusion: Frumious had no problem teleporting a copy of kppp wherever it needed to go, the Mandrake was advised to avoid the jub jub bird while reconfiguring, and no boojums were harmed in the drawing up of this column. Lewis Carroll is welcome to join the Answer Gang at any time, provided he can get away from his mathemagical textbooks. Other ppp configurators include: xisp, wvdial, debian's "pppconfig" and a few dockapps. I believe gkrellm also has simple plugins for this feature.

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