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From: Karl-Heinz Zimmer (
Date: Mon Jan 18 1999 - 09:26:20 CET

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> When I think back how I started with Linux - I can remember only
> frustration! Even RedHat 5.2 is hard to install if you are new to
> Linux. Partitioning, .tgz, .tar.tgz files, bunch of scripts all
> over the place, a million directories and so on. So it is still
> intimidating sometimes.

> But when I found muLinux, everything changed! What is nice is I
> had to get ONLY 3 files, and that's it. And the three files made
> two floppies, it installed in memory and that's it, and I even
> had X on it !!! Great !!! And ONLY ONE SINGLE command to install
> it to the HD!!!! It is GREAT!!

> And it was VERY, VERY easy to create the floppies. I understand
> that you intended muLinux for the experts, but why would the
> experts want a very simple system? The experts can create their
> own system!
> Michele, has anybody created any simple, introductory Linux? How
> will the newbie learn Linux? We have only full-blown versions or
> specific toolsets (network admin, etc) I can't learn Trinux, or
> tomsrtbt or even hal91! They were done with the expert or the
> network admin in mind with a lot of specific tools! Well, what
> about me? I have nobody to ask a Unix question. So, just like me,
> the average user may not even be able to install Linux!! But
> muLinux is simple and small and easy to create and it even has X
> on it! So that is why I think that maybe you should target the
> new users with nice readme files. There is no simple introductory
> Linux out there besides muLinux!

> muLinux is THE PERFECT Linux distribution for the new user!!
> What do you think?

At my opinion muLinux is really very useful for beginners who want to
learn Linux.
But, in order to make things even more simple for one who just is
starting with Linux, there is something that should be optimized:

If one starts to become interested in Linux and he(or she) finds
muLinux mentioned in an e-zine of a printed computer magazine they
will find Michele's homepage and then probably try to download the
disk images and create the two floppies. The problem that will occur
is that such a person normally will not have Linux already installed
on Harddisk and thus will have to create the floppies on DOS !

Did you ever try to do this?

I did and even after spending some hours on it i was not successful!
At the end i went to my debian machine and created the floppies there

Perhaps(?) i did something wrong, but anyone who is really new to
muLinux could do the same mistakes.

I do believe that muLinux is really good therefor lets try to improve
the DOS installation process to simplify thing for the real newbies!

Any comments?


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