Re: muLinux is THE PERFECT Linux distribution for the new user (was: Re: [ FTP-mirror site])

From: sime1brt (
Date: Mon Jan 18 1999 - 20:41:34 CET

At 08.26 18/01/99 GMT, you wrote:
>At my opinion muLinux is really very useful for beginners who want to
>learn Linux.
>But, in order to make things even more simple for one who just is
>starting with Linux, there is something that should be optimized:
        There's ALLWAYS something to be optimized!... :D

>If one starts to become interested in Linux and he(or she) finds
>muLinux mentioned in an e-zine of a printed computer magazine they
>will find Michele's homepage and then probably try to download the
>disk images and create the two floppies. The problem that will occur
>is that such a person normally will not have Linux already installed
>on Harddisk and thus will have to create the floppies on DOS !
        For muLinux is *normal* to be installed from DOS!!! There's the
"" for this. It's true, there's a faster/easyer way for who
already got a Linux Box (i don't know that way, I'm still with DOS...:( ),
bur muLinux can be istalled starting from DOS really easily!!! All you have
to do is to unzip the "" in a directory, unzip the file
"muLinux-ver.tgz" in THE SAME dir, and (if you've downloaded it) copy the
X11.tgz allways in that dir; then you've just to type install, that's all!!!
        Maybe I haven't undestood you; send me an e-mail and i will try to
help you or to explane you how muLinux DOS installation process works :)

>Did you ever try to do this?
>I did and even after spending some hours on it i was not successful!
>At the end i went to my debian machine and created the floppies there
        We are working on makeing averything as CLEAR as we can, translating
and creating new documents for helping anyone installing muLinux. Soon you
(you all) will be uble to understand how and what to do to create muLinux
disks in the simplest way :)

>Perhaps(?) i did something wrong, but anyone who is really new to
>muLinux could do the same mistakes.
        I'm agree with you...

>(sorry for writing in english, non conosco bene il italiano)
         Scusate il mio inglese, i've learned Inglish by hearing songs... :D

      " Che Dio ce la mandi buona?
        Ma basta che ce la mandi... "
                                      (Questo sono io...)

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