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From: Karl-Heinz Zimmer (
Date: Tue Jan 19 1999 - 09:27:15 CET

At 20:41 18/01/1999 (sime1brt) wrote:

> At 08.26 18/01/99 GMT, you wrote:
> >try to download the disk
> >images and create the two floppies. The problem that will occur
> >is that such a person normally will not have Linux already installed
> >on Harddisk and thus will have to create the floppies on DOS !
> For muLinux is *normal* to be installed from DOS!!! There's
> the "" for this. It's true, there's a faster/easyer way
> for who already got a Linux Box (i don't know that way, I'm still with
> DOS...:( ), bur muLinux can be installed starting from DOS really
> easily!!! All you have to do is to unzip the "" in a
> directory, unzip the file "muLinux-ver.tgz" in THE SAME dir, and
> (if you've downloaded it) copy the X11.tgz allways in that dir; then
> you've just to type install, that's all!!!
> Maybe I haven't undestood you; send me an e-mail and i will
try to
> help you or to explane you how muLinux DOS installation process works


i have redone the whole process and meanwhile things become clearer:
the problem was that everything went well until i booted the

Sorry: i should have mentioned that i tried to build the install disks
at work (to keep them with me and install muLinux on my machine at
home). Unfortunately we use SCSI disks here. ;-)

So the mu-kernel started working but could not mount the harddisk and
thus did not find the BOOT nor the ROOT.gz and so it could not build
the floppies.

The result was that i had to take the archive files at home, repair my
Debian machine and create the install disks there. (Of course i also
profited by this: now my Pentium is working again.)

What i meant was the fact that (no matter how i tried) it was not
possible to build the install disks on my SCSI PC.

Now i see that i really should have been more precise (and produce
less confusion about my complains).

My proposal is this:

Why not let the mu-install-kernel work with SCSI adapters!?

I understand that the SCSI support was taken away from the real
muLinux kernel but at my opinion this has nothing to do with the
install kernel, am i right?

Many people have SCSI disks at work but the cheaper IDE drives at
home, so why not allowing them to build the floppies that way?

Please give comments!


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