[mu TECH] Umssync troubble!

From: sime1brt (sime1brt@topvideo.net)
Date: Sat Jan 23 1999 - 12:30:07 CET

        I had a very fastidious problem with UMSSYNC, and i'd like to know if ME
or UMSSYNC wrong.
I used umssync to "syncronize" a DOS dir, 'couse i copyed a file into a dir
that contained the --LINUX--.--- file, and so muLinux didn't saw this file.
But (maybe i this i wrong...) i made umssync refering to a LINK of that
dir. I explane me better:
i wanted to sync the /DOS/hankpo~1/linux/mulinux/mu_set dir; this path is
refered in the root tree ( / ) by a link called "/mu_set". I gave command:
        # umssync /mu_set
and that... the damage! All files and dirs with names longer than 8 chars
(ex: cartel~1), were renamed in cartel#.$00.
        My question is: i wrong, becouse i hadn't to refere to a link, or it's
"normal" for umssync to do that?

        TNX, and please remember: WOULD YOU EXCUSE MY BAD ENGLISH!!!

      " How UNIX users have sex :
        $ unzip ; strip ; touch ; finger ; mount ; fsck ; more ;
          yes ; umount ; sleep "

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