Re: [mu TECH] Umssync troubble!

From: Andrea Manzini (
Date: Sun Jan 24 1999 - 09:56:17 CET

On Sat, Jan 23, 1999 at 12:30:07PM +0100, sime1brt wrote:
> My question is: i wrong, becouse i hadn't to refere to a link, or it's
> "normal" for umssync to do that?

Either... As you can read in umssync.c,

%% cut %%

        /* #Specification: umssync / depth
                Normally, umssync won't recurse into directory.
                Option -r allows for depth control. You may specify
                how deep you want umssync to work.

                When recursing into directory, umssync will use
                the owner and group specified on the command line
                (see option -g and -u). If option -i+ is specified
                the specs of the sub-directory itself may be used.

-> umssync won't follow symlinks. And it won't cross mount
-> points.

%% cut %%

In my opinion, this "feature" should be more documented... :-/

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