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From: Michele Andreoli (
Date: Thu Jan 28 1999 - 01:08:34 CET

On Wed, Jan 27, 1999 at 07:56:01PM +0100, salva wrote:
> I've downloaded (CUM MAGNO DOLORE), the 3.2 release of muLinux (the
> last one for me was 2.2 ^_^;;;;;;;), and I'vwe started examining it...

I think: in this ML a very original linguistic experiment is in progress:
latin, french, spanish, italian, gooood. CUM MAGNO DOLORE. Mah!

> First of all: the README.txt file refers to a README.customize that is
> no longer in the muLinux distribution... I think that is a little bug
> ^_^

:((( Any way, this file is really a joke.

> Another thing that I've seen is that, effectively, nothing else will
> probably fit in the disk :): all the strippable was stripped, all the
> linkable was linked and I've to say that Michele's work in creating
> tiny-scripts was wonderful ^_^

Oh, salva(tore).

> One thing first of all: I've seen that the mu script, when you use -r
> or -u options it usees mke2fs, and it must be executed as root...
> If you execute it as user it will say, incorrectly, that the kernel
> was not compiled with the LOOPBACK interface...
> That's another tiny little bug :D.

Ummm. I can put a test like this:

                if [ -x e2fsck ]; then

> Now...
> The thing that mke2fs was used appears not very funny for me: during
> the unpacking process I was doing a "ls" in another shell every second
> to make sure that it was not erasin my linux partition for some errors
> :) : it was an heart-breaking experience :D.

Don't worry, mon ami: mkfe2fs in "mu" script act like this:

                 mkfs.ext2 -q -F -m 0 USR

mke2fs build local file images, not HD partition.

Anyway, if you loss your Linux, don't despair: with the many many rows
I cancelled from other sources, you can setup another distribution!
I can send you this stuff (frattaglie): tell me.

> Then...
> I've seen that all the binaries are really small...
> The only exception is lynx, that is huge! (400k!)

Without Lynx, on the first floppy we can put Winword 6.0.

> There aren't smaller browsing programs?
> There's quark...

Quark? The ridicoulus web browser, less-based? Oh, fuzzy logic, that!

> But I think that the main problem is that Lynx works also as news, ftp
> client and as filemanager too...
> There's not a solution?

Yes. We can remove lynx in favor of chimera (200k), but now the floppy #3
become essential. Moreover, the newsgroup processing? yes, we can
add some things like "tin", or develope a "less-based" ridicoulus
news-reader, like Quark.

> Maybe lynx 2.5, or 2.4 or similar are smaller...

Someone, time ago, sended me a reduce lynx (270k) with only HTTP support.
Loss in a computer crash.

> By the way...
> I said to Michele that another linux distribution has a 6k-only grep:
> now I've seen that the our is even smaller!!!!!!

In fact: some time, either "which grep" can find them :)))

> Great job Michele 8)
> I think that muLinux is a real masterpiece :)

Linux, really. muLinux is a bus filled with tourist which taken fotos
from the back of glass. But, someone of that, can return back, I hope,
and visit the Linux-land really.

> I think that I've to download the X11 disk: maybe that there something
> will fit :D.

Yes. A small free portion is there.

> By the way...
> It's impossible to format the disk more than 1722k?
> Maybe 2000k?

Tryed with 1840: failed. My floppy-controler don't work with this.

[ITALIAN bla-bla]

Ah, mi serve un nome in codice per la versione 4.0.
Chi mi da un'idea? Con "Hammameth" ho esaurito sia la saga Mani-Pulite
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