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From: salva (
Date: Wed Jan 27 1999 - 19:56:01 CET

I've downloaded (CUM MAGNO DOLORE), the 3.2 release of muLinux (the
last one for me was 2.2 ^_^;;;;;;;), and I'vwe started examining it...

First of all: the README.txt file refers to a README.customize that is
no longer in the muLinux distribution... I think that is a little bug

Another thing that I've seen is that, effectively, nothing else will
probably fit in the disk :): all the strippable was stripped, all the
linkable was linked and I've to say that Michele's work in creating
tiny-scripts was wonderful ^_^

One thing first of all: I've seen that the mu script, when you use -r
or -u options it usees mke2fs, and it must be executed as root...

If you execute it as user it will say, incorrectly, that the kernel
was not compiled with the LOOPBACK interface...
That's another tiny little bug :D.

The thing that mke2fs was used appears not very funny for me: during
the unpacking process I was doing a "ls" in another shell every second
to make sure that it was not erasin my linux partition for some errors
:) : it was an heart-breaking experience :D.
It's really required to be root...
I don't like this thing so much... (salva! stop being silly ;)


I've seen that all the binaries are really small...
The only exception is lynx, that is huge! (400k!)
There aren't smaller browsing programs?
There's quark...
But I think that the main problem is that Lynx works also as news, ftp
client and as filemanager too...
There's not a solution?
Maybe lynx 2.5, or 2.4 or similar are smaller...

By the way...
I said to Michele that another linux distribution has a 6k-only grep:
now I've seen that the our is even smaller!!!!!!
Great job Michele 8)

I think that muLinux is a real masterpiece :)

I think that I've to download the X11 disk: maybe that there something
will fit :D.

By the way...
It's impossible to format the disk more than 1722k?
Maybe 2000k?



p.s. Let's put gimp in muLinux :DDDD

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