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Date: Wed Jan 27 1999 - 22:34:09 CET

On Wed, Jan 27, 1999 at 07:56:01PM +0100, salva wrote:

> Another thing that I've seen is that, effectively, nothing else will
> probably fit in the disk :):

sadly to say, there's a limit for everything ...

> all the strippable was stripped, all the
> linkable was linked and I've to say that Michele's work in creating
> tiny-scripts was wonderful ^_^

I learned a lot just browsing his scripts ;)
> One thing first of all: I've seen that the mu script, when you use -r
> or -u options it usees mke2fs, and it must be executed as root...

It's true. AFAIK, For security reasons, only root can create new

> Maybe lynx 2.5, or 2.4 or similar are smaller...

I've seen people asking for lynx 2.8 too :)
> By the way...
> It's impossible to format the disk more than 1722k?
> Maybe 2000k?

it is possible, for some drives (and very good diskettes), to reach up to
1886k, and, driving directly the hardware with non-standard, non-uniform
timings and interleavings, even more. The problem is that not all floppy
drives are perfectly the same, nor all BIOS, nor all diskette magnetic
media. From ten-years old 386 to the last P2, there are a number of
different floppy drives models, so Michele (as Micro$oft did with windows 95
and IBM with OS/2) choose the maximum common capacity :)

> p.s. Let's put gimp in muLinux :DDDD

with 120M floppies, maybe ;-D

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