How to remove the PPP garbage

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Date: Mon Feb 01 1999 - 06:19:35 CET


I want to preserve only pppd and ppp.o from PPP package. (or may be to
change them with the new ones).
And to substitute all ppp-scripts with others, made by me.
But every time I restart mu-Linux (HDD-cloned) I get the default scripts.
How to resolve this ?
One brief explanation about muLinux cofiguartion, will be good i.e. how it
works wich script take care of this and how to change them to swuit our

Meanwhile I'm tring to build pppd server, that is the reason I want this.
I'm doing it in this way :

pp0:2345:respawn:/usr/sbin/pppd /dev/ttyS1 connect /etc/ppp/chatscript >>
/inet/log/inittab 2>&1

Any suggestion will be cool !
Someone on the list - using PAM ? is there a way to incorporate it in
muLinux ?
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