Re: How to remove the PPP garbage

From: sime1brt (
Date: Mon Feb 01 1999 - 18:53:35 CET

At 06.19 01/02/99 +0100, you wrote:
>I want to preserve only pppd and ppp.o from PPP package. (or may be to
>change them with the new ones).
>And to substitute all ppp-scripts with others, made by me.
>But every time I restart mu-Linux (HDD-cloned) I get the default scripts.
>How to resolve this ?
        I'm *not* an expert, but i'd call your new scripts with different names
(my.ppp-on etc.); if the problem is that you can't find new scripts at all,
try to type "umssync" in the dir. where these scripts are placed.


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