Re: [mu OT] Despair!

From: Andrea Manzini (
Date: Thu Feb 11 1999 - 21:47:11 CET

While I was sleeping, Michele Andreoli wrote:
> GCC: big disaster incoming.

don't be pessimistic... Cheers up Michele ! ;-)

> Some people attempt to compile in muLinux TRUES packages downloaded
> around the net! I cannot substitute it.comp.linux.development or
> comp.os.linux.development and related!
> My purpose (a C-compiler for learn C) is failed. Some people install
> muLinux but need LINUX, really. /usr/include/linux is NOT complete.

[joke mode on]
perhaps *any interpreter* at least is self-contained <g>
[joke mode off]
we can always replace the GCC floppy with some other add-on, console apps
like a spreadsheet, a terminal emulator, a ftp|irc server or even full man
pages for the standard unix commands.

> I don't know other solution: to remove GCC floppy from my web and
> any reference to this addon, from docs and home-page.
> This should sound as encouragement, to DOS user, to go forward in
> a full-Linux direction.
> Yes, I can put in some place this note:
> "This C development system is suitable ONLY for hello-world
> programs, math program and lexical analyzer."
> but, I am sure, someone will attempt to compile Netscape-4.5 for
> muLinux, anyway!

you can always put a note like that, redirecting question about programming
and developing to the proper places. You are responsible for mulinux,
not for GCC itself, nor for any error in compilation of external software.

> Non e' che non voglio farlo: NON POSSO farlo. Non mi riesce di tenere
> il filo nelle sequenze delle risposte. Non so cosa sto rispondendo e
> a chi e non mi resta piu' tempo per andare avanti nel progetto stesso.
> Per questo motivo, ho chiesto alla lista se e' il caso di rimuoverlo
> o se qualcuno si offre per mantenerlo e rispondere alle email
> di supporto.

Secondo me non tocca a te ne' tocca a questa lista dare risposte a quelle
domande. Sarebbe come fermarsi dal benzinaio perche' l'autoradio non riceve
bene le stazioni...

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