Re: nouse, XWindows ?

From: Andrea Manzini (
Date: Thu Feb 11 1999 - 22:04:33 CET

While I was sleeping, iList wrote:

> I was tring to setup my mouse, but neither of the given configuratoin works
> i.e. if I setup as MOUSE_DEVICE - /dev/inportbm, inportbm, /dev/,
> and all other, SYSTEST report that "mouse not responding". (setup -f
> port)

Your mice is a serial mouse or a ps/2 mouse ?
It has 9-pin connector ? Then it is a serial mouse. ( /dev/cua[0|1] )
Has it little, round shape, like keyboard ? It is probably a ps/2 mouse (
try first /dev/psaux )

> If I set MOUSE_DEVICE as /dev/mouse or mouse - SYSTEST doesn't report
> anything (think it works).
> But If I setup in this way and try to run startx, in /var/log/startx.log I
> get "too many links to mouse device" or something I can't remember now . So
> I'm going to /dev directory and remake mouse links. ('cause /dev/mouse ->
> mouse)
> What I'm doing wrong ?!?

/dev/mouse must be a symlink to the correct device, not to a link itself.
> Next question - when I finally run XWindows it freezes to the "blue screen"
> (something like NT BSOD :") /BlueScreenOfDeath/ but w/o text on the screen).
> OK. My computer is with integrated video on the BX motherboard (SIS6326
> chipset), so I think it also can be the reason - any suggestion to
> workaround this or to run X on other way or ..... ?

I don't know... Perhaps it's same problem...

> Is it really necessery for the video card to support VESA, so XWindows to
> run ? 'Cause this card support VESA only If I run in advance vesa emulator
> or somehing.

Only standard VGA (i.e. 640x480 with 16 colors) is required, no VESA support
at all.
(your emulator will not be effective in any case, guess it is a DOS
program ?)

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