[mu SETUP ENGLISH] Mouse setup

From: grunge 33 (grunge33@hotmail.com)
Date: Sun Feb 28 1999 - 23:18:48 CET


I recently downloaded mulinux, and everything went great-- excet setting
up the mouse. It is pretty hard to use X without a mouse.

when I go in win95, control panel, mouse, general, I am told I have a
Logitech PS/2 Port Mouse. does this mean that it is on the PS/2 port,
with Logitech protocol? Is it the other way around? Is it something
else entirely?

Also, do I want to emulate a third button?

Other than that, mulinux installed great, and it seems like it will be
great fun to learn! all of the other small linux distrobutions didn't
work, or majorly lacked functionality.

Thanks for the help!

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