Re: [mu SETUP ENGLISH] Mouse setup

From: grunge 33 (
Date: Mon Mar 01 1999 - 21:18:09 CET

Thanks, but i tried that, and /dev/cua0 and /dev/cua1, becuase those
were listed as old logitech possibilities, and none of the 8
possibilities worked.
unless I am doing the mouse test wrong.....I run "systest" and do the
mouse test, and move the mouse in circles, then I get the message that
the mouse port is not responding.

Thanks again for the help!

>Logitech is the trademark, PS/2 is the protocol. Try this 2x2
> devices: protocol:
> [/dev/psaux, /dev/logibm ] cross [ PS/2, Logitech ]
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