[mu SETUP] booting flashcard

From: mistral27@usa.net
Date: Wed Mar 10 1999 - 01:32:04 CET


    I managed to install muLinux on a 40MB flashcard. (The flashcard is
recognized, by my computer, as a master hard disk on the secondary IDE
channel.) But, I am still having a problem booting it.
    I tried to copy the muLinux kernel to a floppy, and boot it from that, but
it didn't work. I'm thinking that maybe I haven't been using the right file
(i.e. I copied the /startup/boot/mulinuz file to the floppy, thinking it was
the kernel; is it?) I also tried booting it through the original muLinux
floppies, but the boot process ends before init takes over. Still wondering
how I can boot the flashcard up. Can anybody help? Thanks in advance. Grazie.


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