Re: [mu SETUP] booting flashcard

From: Karl-Heinz Zimmer (
Date: Wed Mar 10 1999 - 09:49:30 CET

Am 09.03.1999, 18:32:04, schrieb Anthony:

> Hi/Ciao,

Hallo! :-))

> I managed to install muLinux on a 40MB flashcard.
> (The flashcard is recognized, by my computer, as a
> master hard disk on the secondary IDE channel.) But,
> I am still having a problem booting it.
> I tried to copy the muLinux kernel to a floppy,
> and boot it from that, but it didn't work.

What else was contained on the floppy?

Are the boot record and the boot program correct?

Do you think it might have worked as boot floppy on an ordinary
/dev/hda1-HARD-disk PC?


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